Howdy!  Welcome to our site!  We're glad you stopped by!  This site is dedicated to the life and times of Gabby and Scott Dannemiller (AKA Scabby), purveyors of peace throughout the free world.  OK... maybe I'm exaggerating a bit.  Even so, we are some good, well-meaning folk who promise not to harm defenseless animals or throw Snickers wrappers out of our car windows.  That should be good for something, right?

If you like a decent, rambling story (most of which are about Scott's most embarrassing moments... some rated PG-13), enjoy looking a photos of nice people, or just want to learn more about our thrilling lives, then stick around.  If none of that stuff appeals to you, then get the heck out of here and take a look at this site.  And don't stop with our pics and bios, we've added NEW people at the bottom - the other 3 volunteers sharing our life in Guatemala.  So even if you don't want to waste time reading all about us, check them out because they're some good folks.

Gabby Vitals:  Though born in Michigan at the tail end of the free-love generation, Gabby is a 20 year veteran of Texas.  She loves church stuff, laughing, sappy movies, being active, horses, and traveling the world in search of the perfect photograph.  (editorial comment from Scott)  She also has a freakish lack of body odor!  One stick of deodorant lasts Gabby 2-3 years - NO LIE!  Even in Guatemala!
Scott Vitals:  Scott lived in Oklahoma for 26 years of his life before moving to Texas in pursuit of a job (or, more likely, in pursuit of Gabby).  He loves church stuff, laughing, making music, taking naps, ice cream, and being a bit obsessive compulsive about personal hygiene.  (What's wrong with 3 showers a day, I ask?!)

And here's the LOW DOWN on our fellow volunteers and possible contributing writers

Caridad:  AKA Hulk.  Caridad was raised in Idaho just a stroll from Washington state.  She loves God, wordsmithing, "So I Married an Ax Murder", reminding me she's ten years younger than I am and finding the positive in everything including two bouts with bed bugs. She has also been know to scare the pants off people with her random-middle-of-the-night talking and blood- curtling screams in her sleep. Charity (her gringo name) lives in San Juan Ixcoy where there are 42 family owned shops in a four block radius of her home, watch out Walmart.  
Jen: AKA J-Lo.  Jen spent her previous life teaching through theater in New York City.  Though a serious vegetarian she has been known to eat rice that has touched ham since moving to Guatemala.  She has a great laugh, always thinks of others with wonderful surprise notes and CDs and gives great hugs.  Jen lives in Malacatan where it's hotter than the sun and where chickens have been seen laying eggs in the latrines.  
Brian: He's a man dedicated to the things he loves. God, Rebecca, Civil War re-enactments and Guatemala.  A four-year veteran of mission trips here prior to committing to a year, Brian is now making his home in Huitan where he hopes to not-have-but-be-involved-in disaster recovery.  He works for Diaconia, the social service arm of the church here in Guatemala.