Christmas 2007
YEAH!  We're finally updating 
our webpage again!

Hello Friends and Family!

We have been very remiss in updating our site since Jake was born back in March of 2006. Now we we have two!  Audrey joined us this past November and is already 2 months old.

It's true that we have been busy but the real reason for the lack of updates was the power struggle over the keyboard and who was actually going to do it.  We kept saying, YOU do it, NO, YOU do it.  

We could just use a blog page but why when we have this wonderful site names after us and everything!

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Life has been interesting with two but the great news for us is that while we may not have the best-behaved children we sure do breed some excellent sleepers.  The kids are sleeping in their room together all night til 6 or 7am! 

We're trying to post our Christmas/New Years letter on our stories page and as they come up (and popular pics such as Gabbys Fruit Loop debacle).  
Let us know how things are going in your world!

Audrey - 6 weeks    Jake - 21 months

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