Such a cute couple!  Let's follow them on a short journey through history!
The 70's were a rough decade for the couple.  Scott's platinum blonde hairdo was a miserable failure.  However, Gabby's "band-groupie" look was well-received.  This garnered many stares from the male population, throwing Scott into frequent fits of jealous rage.

He was often heard yelling, "Take your eyes off'a my woman!"

However, they were able to rekindle their love on special nights.  Here, the couple is seen heading to the Sr. Prom.  Gabby was voted "prom queen" while, at the same time, Scott was dunked head-first into the punch bowl by the defensive line.
The 80's took a positive turn.  Scott was able to land the part of Street Punk #6 in an episode of Miami Vice.  The financial freedoms from this quick bout with stardom allowed him to purchase lavish gifts for his beloved, such as this fashionable dress ensemble, crafted entirely from man-made fabrics.
  Today, the couple enjoys spending the holidays together, be they happy times....
... or the tough times... such as this winter on the high mountain plains.  Scott was forced into a life of tree farming and ranching to make ends meet.  Gabby was "chief measurer and dairy milker" for the short-lived business.  If it weren't for that cruel "plastic tree" market, they might still be in business today.
Lacking a good supply of friends, the couple often finds themselves in isolation, forced to take pictures of themselves.  Sometimes they turn out good, like this shot taken at a friend's wedding.
Sometimes they don't turn out as well.  Still, we hope you will help them remedy this problem by showing up at the wedding, camera-in-hand!  We hope to see you there!