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11/21/05 Guatemala Flood Relief "It's a Total Disaster":  We're heading up the fundraising effort for a group of 157 churches in our area that have a direct partnership in Guatemala.  Find out how you can help.
3/19/05 Scott's 
Entry #17
"The Simple Life":  A catalog arrived yesterday promising me that my life could be saved by using a huge plastic tub to hold my cereal.  What a miracle!
2/14/05 SoulWork  NEWSLETTER "SoulWork Ministries": Our new adventure begins.  See where it is taking us in GOTT NEWS our newsy newsletter.
9/6/04 Gabby's Entry #16 "Uh, Where am I?": Sometimes coming home isn't what you expect at all but it's good to be back.  Read this to hear about our FREE house!
7/28/04 Gabby's 
Entry #15
"Goodbye to Guatemala": Our year has changed us forever, we just hope we can live up to OUR expectations.  
7/13/04 Scott's
Entry #16
"Final Thoughts": Trying to sum up the year is like trying to describe the taste of water.  It's tough to find the words.  Anyhow, this is an attempt at a wrap-up of the year in Guatemala.
7/12/04 Gabby's 
Entry #14
"Miracles Do Happen":  Here's a follow-up to the story of baby Jocelin, the three-day old baby that we encountered back in November.  She was malnourished and couldn't eat.  Find out what happened.
5/11/04 Dual 
Entry #10
"Rebuilding": Our trip to El Salvador wasn't what we would call fun but rather insightful, difficult and at the same time, hopeful.
5/11/04 Scott's 
Entry #15
"Confessions Of A Substitute Preacher": I was asked to be the mouth of God in a tiny village near the coast.  It turned into quite an interesting adventure. 
5/10/04 Dual 
Entry #9
"And Then There Were Two":  Who needs "Friday The 13th" or "Nightmare on Elm Street."  Nasty medical problems have us dropping like flies!
4/29/04 Gabby's 
Entry #13
"Where do we go from here?":  We have learned so much this year.  Sometimes the weight of knowledge feels so heavy on you that you can't move.  Then, you find hope in the places you might not expect.  
4/10/04 SPANISH BLOOPERS "Spanish Bloopers": UPDATED!  Life in Guatemala wouldn't be nearly as fun if we spoke English.  There's a lot of laughs in butchering a new language.
4/10/04 Dual 
Entry #8
"What a gift": What happens when you mix parents with a developing country, Guatemalans and a 20yr old memory?  Love, understanding, and memories to last a lifetime.
4/10/04 Caridad's Entry #6   "A day in the Guate-Life of Caridad": Life in Guatemala can be odd, uncomfortable and even unbelievable, so how is it that now, it feels strangely normal? 
4/10/04 Gabby's 
Entry #12
"What if?":  We all have moments when we wonder how our lives might be different if we chose other paths but what about the things we can't choose, like where we are born?
4/10/04 Caridad's Entry #5 "Peanut Butter Cream Pie": When life's got you down, what's one way to lift the spirits?  Thoughts of yummy in the tummy.
3/24/04 Gabby's
Entry #11 
"His Shoes": Sometimes looking at the simplest things brings thoughts to mind of what one person's life might be like.  Thanks to the Kirkwood FPC mission group for giving me this opportunity.
2/29/04 Dual
Entry #7
"Changes Around The House": When we first arrived, we had no flushing toilet, no showers, and lots of adjustments to make.  Check out what has changed around the house.
2/29/04 Dual
Entry #6
"All In The Family": We've been living with our Guatemalan family for the past five months.  Quite a bit has changed in that short time.
2/23/04 Scott's
Entry #14
"Open My Eyes": I was lucky enough to travel around the highlands with a mission team from South Central Texas.  It's amazing how much your vision improves when you're distributing reading glasses.
2/21/04 Gabby's 
Entry #10
"Unplanned Moments": Hillsboro Church from Nashville had lots of plans and accomplished equally as much but it was an unplanned moment that was the most special to me. 
2/2/04 Gabby's 
Entry #9
"Gifts": Spending time with each other is often the best gift you can give.  Read more about the Inland Northwest trip.
1/27/04 Scott's
Entry #13
"Being There": I went to my music class with grand ideas of turning an 8-year-old blind Guatemalan boy into the next Stevie Wonder.  But, as they say, God laughs when we make plans.
1/25/04 Gabby's 
Entry #8
"A Gift of Community": Gabby's labor of love made a wonderful gift for one of our new best friends. 
1/20/04 Madison "Dios esta aquí": A trip that started out being about bring water to a mountainside village became a journey none of us will ever forget.
1/15/04 Brian's 
Entry #1
"What I've Seen": Guest Contributor and fellow volunteer Brian McDonough gives us a peek at his last fkive months in Guatemala. 
12/29/03 A Guatemalan Christmas "Noche de Paz, Noche de Amor":  Our Holiday celebration in Guatemala is one we'll never forget.  Here, we talk about some new traditions and some true-to-life Christmas Spirit. 
12/11/03 MERRY CHRISTMAS! "Our Christmas List":  We'll miss you guys this Christmas.  Still, here's our long, rambling Christmas letter, with a few wishes for this Holiday. 
12/10/03 Scott's 
Entry #12
"Expectations Transformed":  This was originally intended to be published in the newsletter SOAR, put out by Character Of Excellence, a consulting group I work for.  Here's the semi-preachy story of surprises that I found in a tiny church here.
12/8/03 Caridad's Entry #4 "Let me be Fascinated":  Why are we here? What am I doing?  How am I helping?  Sometimes just living is changing us, especially in other culture where we are out of our element.  
12/8/03 Caridad's Entry #3 "Sharing Americana":  Caridad put our pumpkin pie to shame with a whole meal of foods from home, stories of pilgrims, and weddings American-style.  The day ended with full bellies and hearts.
12/8/03 Caridad's Entry #2 "People of the Sky":  Charity's back and this time she's got a laptop, so watch out!  Read about a day in a life of a girl whose feet are on the ground but she is living in the clouds.
11/29/03 Scott's 
Entry #11
"The Power Of Words":  I had no clue what to expect when I unexpectedly ended up teaching a class for women in Guatemala.  Luckily, the Bible is a powerful book, and it did the teaching for me.  Funny though... I think I learned more than anybody else.  
11/21/03 Gabby's 
Entry #7
"Winning with Dell": Sometimes God realizes that we need lessons before we do.  Shocking.  Intrigued?  Read on.
11/13/03 Gabby's 
Entry #6
"Not For The Faint Of Heart":  This trip was supposed to be a mere "fact finding" excursion.  Instead, God had other plans.  Today, a baby lives and others were healed by a "chance meeting" orchestrated by God.
11/01/03 Scott's 
Entry #10
"Goofus and Gallant - Scott's Split Personality":  Guatemala is a true test for my "Powers of Positive Thinking."  Any pre-conceived notions you might have had about missionaries will be thrown out the window!  Who knows... after this... maybe you'll take up a mission of your own?  
10/30/03 Gabby's Entry #5 "Labors Of Love":  My second group was chock full of adventure!  I got a fun virus, we climbed a mountain, and bonds were strengthened between brothers and sisters in Christ.  I won't forget it.
10/24/03 Scott's 
Entry #9
"Arturo's Story":  Sometimes The Big Guy has to give you a giant "noogie" to grab your attention.  When I was least expecting it, Arturo's story came along and reminded me how wonderful life really is.
10/21/03 Scott's 
Entry #8
"A Fair Trade":  Living here is tough... but thinking about a first-grade lunch trade gone bad has helped me figure out that I'm right where I should be.
10/20/03 Gabby's Entry #4 "Seeing Hope When You're Not Looking":  I just got back from my first mission trip with a group from the U.S.  Hope springs eternal here, even in the midst of great poverty.
10/13/03 Dual 
Entry #5
"Our New Family":  We've gotten to know our new family over the past month and a half.  Finally, last week we got to move into their home.  Here is the low-down on our new digs and all of the people we'll be living with this year.
10/08/03 Dual 
Entry #4
"TYDSITUS (pronounced 'tid-sit-us')":  We have started a list of Things You Don't See In The U.S.  While some of the stuff may not make sense to you, at least it will give you some idea of what is fresh and exciting around here. 
10/06/03 Gabby's Entry #3 "Home Sweet Home":  It's truly amazing how you can start to feel "at home" in such a short time.  Now, we're being uprooted and sent to a new community.  During this transition, it's important to acknowledge how far we've come in only six weeks away from familiar surroundings. 
10/01/03 Scott's 
Entry #7
"Hoping With Anxiety":  I was really accustomed to a fast-paced life.  This whole idea of waiting for things is really a challenge.  Whether I'm waiting for a bus, or waiting for indoor plumbing, I'm starting to find the beauty in the anxious moments. 
9/29/03 Jen's Entry #1 "Hola Todos":  
Contributing Freelance Writer - Jen Thalman 

Editorial Note from the Dannemillers:  We cannot corroborate or deny any of the ramblings of our contributing editors.  These articles have been added as a courtesy to family and friends of aforementioned writers, cuz we like them.  If you have any political, religious or editorial comments, please do not send them to us, because, frankly, we won't care.  
- Yours in Christ, G&S
9/26/03 Dual 
Entry #3
"There's Always Room For JELLO":  It's the ONLY way to ride!  Hop aboard a "chicken bus" for the adventure of a lifetime!  (or at least the adventure of 2 1/2 hours)
9/24/03 Scott's 
Entry #6
"What's In A Name?":  What's so hard about the name "S-C-O-T-T?"  It's a blessing and a curse I guess.  I think the Man Upstairs is behind the whole thing.
9/18/03 Scott's 
Entry #5
"Overcoming Fear":  The political situation and history of oppression in Guatemala make this election year especially interesting.  Though a President hasn't been chosen, in subtle, inspiring ways the "little guy" is letting us know his opinion.
9/16/03 Joint 
Entry #2


"Spanish Bloopers":  Our language school is awesome!  The only problem is that we aren't learning fast enough.  Here are some of our most embarrassing language flubs, as well as pics of our teachers.
9/12/03 Scott's 
Entry #4
"New Math":  Everything I need to know I learned in grade school.  The problem is, I wish I could forget some of it.  
9/11/03 Charity's Entry #1 "Rockemos Para Siempre":
Contributing Freelance Writer - Charity Thompson.  

Editorial Note from the Dannemillers:  We cannot corroborate or deny any of the ramblings of our contributing editors.  These articles have been added as a courtesy to family and friends of aforementioned writers, cuz we like them.  If you have any political, religious or editorial comments, please do not send them to us, because, frankly, we won't care.  
- Yours in Christ, G&S
9/07/03 Gabby's Entry #2 "In The Beginning... There Was Much Nose Hair": Living in a Guatemalan city is a definite change from the norm.
9/07/03 Scott's Entry #3 "Runnin' With The Bible": We took part in the annual "Run For The Bible" at a local church.  Did we run the entire 22 miles?  Not likely... but it sure was an incredible experience.
9/07/03 Scott's Entry #2 "Our First Home In Guatemala": We'll be living with Esperanza for the next five weeks during language school.  Needless to say, Guatemalan life is an adjustment for us gringos.
9/07/03 Joint Entry #1 "What's In Our Bags?": Here's your chance to act like airport security and go through our suitcases!  All 210 pounds of 'em.
8/26/03 Gabby's Journal Entry #1 "And So It Begins": Tomorrow we leave this place but we'll take all of you with us.
8/25/03 Scott's Journal Entry #1 "The Fish":  In two days we leave for Guatemala.  I am SO READY TO GO!  So... why do I feel like I'm stuck in a plastic baggie?
8/10/03 The Song "What Would You Do":  People keep calling us "brave" and "courageous" for going on our mission trip.  In truth, there are times when we feel as frightened as third-grade girls at a haunted house.  So... I came up with a formula for courage.  Since I stink at math, it uses numbers instead of words.  Courage = faith + fear.  Click here to download the song and read the lyrics.      Streaming MP3  |  Download WAV
7/23/03 Our Jobs "Back To The Old Grind":  We finally received our assignments!  It looks like our jobs for the year suit us very well.
7/03/03 Owen's Prediction "The Psychiatrist's Office":  Brother-in-Law Owen tries his hand at writing a short screenplay based on Scott's obsession with bathing.
6/27/03 Guatemala:
General Information
"Our New Home Base":  We'll be spending a year in one of the most diverse places on the planet.  We'll soon post information on our exact location within the country.  'Till then, read on to find out more about our new home base and the volunteer program in Guatemala.
5/26/03 The Placement Event "The Decision":  Our Mission Placement Event was held the last week in April.  It was an eye-opening experience.  There, we finally committed to leave the country.  Were are we going?  Read on to find out.
3/30/2003 The Program We've Chosen "The Roots Of Commitment":  After trying to find a long term volunteer opportunity that fits our needs, we finally found the right one.
1/15/03 How It All Got Started "Called By God - Literally!":  God can be a real pain in the neck sometimes!  What started out as "thinking out loud" back in early 2001 turned into a big-fat-hairy decision.