Brian's Entry #1

"What I've Seen"

What Iíve seen......

Iíve been in my worksite for 5 months now, and have almost since 
given up on trying to explain how I feel about it all. The following 
is just a small list of the things I have seen since arriving here.

  • Iíve seen myself fight to try to understand a language I didnít 
    know, yet understanding completely just by a look or expression.

  • Iíve been surround by my friends, yet at the same time completely 

  • Iíve seen the things I value as strengths become my greatest 
    weakness, yet things I took for granted gave support.
  • Iíve seen five strangers in a short couple of months become a 
    community. Ready to face a year of the unknown together.
  • Iíve seen old friends, yet have met new ones along the way.
  • Iíve seen myself call a place I barely knew before home.
  • Iíve seen children fight malnutrition, and swam in a river with Guatemala's 
  • Iíve worried when the ground began to shake, while my family said 
    ďItís just an earthquakeĒ
  • Iíve seen a church put down another because of a slight difference 
    in belief, yet they offer their homes to a stranger of a different 
    language and culture.
  • Iíve seen the word of God used to oppress a majority of his people, 
    yet it also gladdens the hearts of many.
  • Iíve seen a church refuse to change from the past, yet in one moment 
    took a step that changed everything.
  • Iíve seen grown men fight out their political differences in the 
    street, while the children celebrate through grace and love.
  • Iíve seen a church spend 30 minutes in silent prayer, while yet 
    another sang loudly for just a long.
  • Iíve seen the youth go crazy in the name of God, while others 
    watched quietly.
  • Iíve seen myself help those who where moved to tears, and moments 
    later was the one in need of help.
  • Iíve seen people take two days to help deliver food and medicine to 
    a remote church, yet fail to help one man with a mental disability when he entered our church. 

    Many things have stayed the same and gone on like nothing happened. Yet, other things have changed dramatically. I havenít been able to put to words most of what has happened here. This only describes a piece of what life is here and my place in it.