Caridad's Entry #2

"People of the Sky"

November 24th
So I was grumpy today, but You showed up anyway God. I had a really fun time helping with the harvest this afternoon and was really struck by the natural beauty around us. When we got home I remembered that Alicia was expecting me, so I took off down the road, mentally preparing myself to give a friendly literacy lesson.

Little Gloria answered the door and her eyes were so wide with excitement. She went and woke her mom up and we had a really lovely time. Alicia is so real—recovering from a stomach tumor while her husband works in the States. She might actually have a lot of strength in her vulnerability, which is encouraging for me. She visited the doctor this week and he said she is recovering well after having her tumor removed a few weeks ago. I can tell she tires easily from all her body has been through, but I’m so glad she’s on the mend.

 I asked her to show me what she had practiced as far as writing, and was amazed to see pages and pages of signatures, family names and Bible verses. She had drawn some really lovely flowers and woven the verses around them. It was so utterly beautiful to see the verses she had chosen. “God is all powerful. Jesus will heal me. God hears my cry and will answer me. Jesus is my hope.” On and on and on. And I knew that these verses were real promises to her, that they really are her daily spiritual bread.

Then she whipped out a really beautiful flower drawing that was interwoven with one of the Psalms and asked me to take it home. It was so sweet and raw, “Have mercy on me, oh God, for I have put my trust in you. I cry out to you all day long.” Every time I see this girl she makes me want to cry. She is incredible. 

As I left her home the fog was setting in with the night and the mountains looked truly majestic under the graying sky. No one was around, so I just stopped and gazed in wonder. People here don’t realize what they are surrounded by. I sang to myself the words from the Psalms:

  Your love, oh Lord, reaches to the heavens.

                     Your faithfulness stretches to the skies.

                                         Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains.

                                                          Your justice flows like the ocean’s tide.

                                                                        So I will lift my voice to worship you, my king.

And I will find my strength in the shadow of your wings.


These words have never been so real to me: "Your faithfulness stretches to the skies." Living here, we are quite close to the top of the world. We are at the same level as the clouds. We are people of the sky. And we must rely on God in unique ways because of this. The joy in this challenge is seeing God's faithfulness come to us in the sky each day.

The phrase, "I will lift my voice to worship you, my king" took new meaning when I remembered the words that came out of me in church yesterday. I looked around at all the despondent faces and wondered if these people really knew that they have the power of God behind them. So when it was my turn to speak, I said, "The Psalms tell us to declare our salvation daily. The salvation of Jesus Christ is fuerza, alegria y paz (strength, joy and peace). We are children of God. We must live this!" That was my worship.