Guatemala Flood Relief

“It’s a total disaster.”

                               – Noe Sam

Noe Sam is a man of few words.  This time it was different.  For one solid hour, stories of hunger, suffering, hardship and death poured from his mouth.  Hurricane Stan had taken its toll on his country, his friends, and his family. 

Since 2000, our churches have had an ongoing partnership with CESSMAQ, the social service arm of a group of churches in Guatemala called the Maya Quiche Presbytery.  For the past five years, we have worked with Noe, the director of CESSMAQ, to help alleviate poverty through Christian service and outreach.  Side by side, we have learned from one another, and shared Christ across cultural boundaries.

Friends from Austin, TX work alongside Antonio, whose village was recently devastated by the flooding

Now, our partner churches and communities are in crisis.  The massive flooding in Central America has swallowed highways, buried buildings, and left many of the villages inaccessible.  Entire communities have been washed away.  Small towns have run out of food.  The late fall harvest of corn, sugar cane, coffee and sesame is in ruins.  Food supplies for the coming year will be incredibly low.  Most people earn their living from farming.  With no crops, there are no jobs.  There were no savings to begin with.  The average Guatemalan survives on less than $2 per day. For better or worse, there is no FEMA here.  It is a hunger emergency.

CESSMAQ is leading an emergency relief effort for 33 of our partner communities.  For just over $2000 per community, they can provide emergency food, clothing, medicine and shelter.  We ask you to give what you can.  Here is an idea of what your donation can provide. 

Your donation can help…

Feed the hungry:                   $25     – 100lb. bag of corn
Sustain a family:                    $160
  – A full month’s wage for a Guatemalan farmer
Rebuild a community:           $2100 – Basic food, clothing and medicine for an entire village
                                                     in need

Thank you for your support!

Make checks payable to:     Mission Presbytery  (“Guatemala Flood Relief” in memo field)
                                        7201 Broadway
                                        Suite 303
                                        San Antonio, Texas 78209