Gabby's Entry #8

"A Gift of Community"

As usual she felt behind the curve and helpless, striving to be inspired, transformed, illuminated... and then it struck her, like these things do.

Sometimes gifts that you give are valuable.  And if it's a GOOD gift, it has value because itis given in LOVE.

Today she was on the bus thinking about how back home she would never be doing this.  Crocheting.  In fact, she's not even sure if she can spell it, but she's learned how to do it.  Mastery is probably too strong a word, but proficient will suffice.  But that doesn't really matter, does it?  Besides, this gift holds more than just some yarn tied together in knots within a needle and hands.  It's a gift of love, friendship ad community.  Love because giving away a first-time creation is always hard to do.  Second, because all the while she made it she thought of the friend who would wear it add the smile it would wrap around for warmth.

She realized, too, that it represented more.  More than just herself and the friendship she felt, but the friendships they ALL felt.  Like the gift, it had grown quickly with the love of Christ to strengthen it every day.

How curious, that she would decide, of all things, and of all times, to make this particular gift.  It's chains intertwined, each one linked to the next.  And the one above.  And the one below.  None stronger.  None equal.  Together whole.  A community.

A community of strings that longed to be more.  The fleece of many naked sheep from many different sheep families.  At he same time, it's the hard work of factory workers, who together, created the yarn itself.

As in life, community not only exists, it is essential for the growth and strength of the individual.  One requires the other to be whole.



As you wear this, I hope you feel the power of Christ in your life through the community and love it signifies.  In all its wonder, it has flaws, uniqueness, and lumps - like all of us.  May this be a reminder of the community of Christ that prays for you and loves you every day.  Now and always.

Abrazos y besos mi amiga,

Merry Christmas,  Gabby