The Dannemillers are currently operating SoulWork Ministries as a division of Cornerstone Learning and Development

Issue 1, February 2005 

We donated $1524.00 to mission in 2004
2005 Donations to date = $787.00

January 7th
Scott performed in a benefit concert for the Capital Area Food Bank (CAFB) with three other musical groups.  Together, they raised awareness and $2300 for this central Texas non-profit that serves an estimated 200,000 individuals or more through partner agencies providing emergency  food needs -- every month.  To see more about CAFB,
click here.

January 9th
Gabby and Scott performed at First Presbyterian Church of Garland in the Dallas , TX area.  The proceeds of the concert went to benefit the East Dallas Cluster of Churches and their mission in Guatemala .

January 12th - 19th
We attended the Biennial Social Justice conference held by the
Presbyterian Church (USA) and PHEWA from Jan 13 - 16.  We stayed two extra days to volunteer with the organizations No More Deaths, coalition of individuals, faith communities, human rights advocates, & grassroots organizers who have joined together to work for justice along the U.S.- Mexico border, as well as Samaritans, a group that provides food, water and medical aid to those in need in the desert of Arizona.   

January 23rd
We co-led a bilingual worship service at Divine Redeemer Presbyterian Church in San Antonio TX with our friend, Pastor Rob Mueller.

Calendar of EVENTS
February 13th

7:30pm, Candlelight Service
Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church
Austin, TX

February 19th and 20th
An evening Concert, time TBD
participation in services 9:30 and 11:00am

Good Shepard Presbyterian Church
Atlanta, GA

February 25 - 26th
Discovery Weekend concert
Austin Theological Seminary
Austin, TX

March 3rd - 9th
Inland Northwest Tour
for details, visit our website and click on
TOUR Idaho and Washington state

March 13th
4:00pm, Concert
St Matthews Catholic Church Nashville, TN

April: Corpus Christi TX, Dallas, TX
May: Dallas, San Antonio

“There is only one God and He is the God to all; therefore it is important that everyone is seen as equal before God.  I’ve always said we should help a Hindu become a better Hindu, a Muslim become a better Muslim, a Catholic become a better Catholic.”                           - Mother Teresa

Volunteer Opportunities AND Our Platinum Countdown!!

Happy 2005!  A new year.  A world of opportunity awaits!  Amazing how just flipping a number on a calendar can totally change your perspective.  On December 31st, 2004 we were worried about money due to a lack of gainful employment, stressing about our lack of a health insurance future, and enjoying the playful snapping and backbiting that comes from the constant togetherness  of a “one car marriage.”  Now, as 2005 rolls in, it’s mostly the same, but it’s just a bit more exciting somehow. 

A couple of things HAVE changed.  First off, we are expanding our ministry by offering some cool workshops to churches and non-profits around spirituality, happiness, mission and globalization.  (Wow… need to work on that brief description so it doesn’t sound so boring.) 

Another thing that has changed is the financial setup of our new ministry (which still needs a name, so your suggestions are appreciated.  FYI… “Scabby’s Big Money Roundup” has already been vetoed).  As most of you know, we are continuing to tour around the country, promoting mission and service to the underprivileged of the world through the songs Scott has written, stories we’ve collected, and the photos Gabby has taken.  While we’re thrilled with the money we have been able to raise for various causes over the past few months, we still feel like we could do more.  Our blessings are boundless!  We WERE giving 20% of all concert and sales proceeds to local and world mission.  We say WERE because as of January 2005, we have upped that giving to 50%.   If only this idea could catch on, we feel like the world would be a much better place.

If you or someone you know is interesting in sponsoring us, they can send donations to our ministry at the PO Box listed below OR better still, we could use a lot more leads!  What groups, conference centers, churches or organizations do you know that might like to see our program?  Know any agents, publishers, or famous people that could get us exposure?  We welcome all suggestions and feedback.  Thanks to all of you for being a part of our journey.  ¡Dios les bendiga!  

To remove yourself from our mailing list or if you have Questions, Dudas o Quejas, please email us at

PO Box 147
Cedar Park, TX 78630