The Roots Of Commitment

Last time we wrote about our "mission," I had started a new business, and Gabby was starting a new job at Dell.  She and I were scheduled to go to Guatemala in February to work with the Maya Quiche Presbyteries Partnership.  There, along with about 10 others, we were going to be 1) distributing 1200 pair of reading glasses to women who can't see well enough to sew (and therefore, can't make a living), and 2) installing a couple of computer labs.  Unfortunately, God had other plans.

Three days before we were scheduled to leave, Gabby's mom, Gayle Kubo, passed away due to complications during heart surgery.  It was a shock to all of us.  While we're all very sad, we feel fortunate that we got to be so close to such a wonderful person for so many years.  If you want to learn more about her, check out the Memorial.

Gab's mom was very excited about our February trip as well as our future plans.  She supported us in every way possible.  The trip to Guatemala was actually going to be a "preview" trip of sorts for us.  We had been considering a long term mission for quite some time, and had applied to become part of the Presbyterian Church's Young Adult Volunteers Program (luckily, they've expanded the age range to 19-35, so Gab and I can squeak by!).  Through this program, Gabby and I would have an opportunity to serve in a foreign country for 12 months.

After lots of prayers, well-wishes, and encouragement (from here on earth and elsewhere), we have decided to pursue the 12-month opportunity.  On April 24-27, Gabby and I will be travelling to Louisville, KY for a Placement Event.  There, we will meet with the directors of service projects around the globe and interview with them to determine the best fit for us.  Right now, we're leaning toward Guatemala or Argentina... but anything could happen between now and then!  (We've been taking a conversational Spanish class to prepare). After that weekend, we will know where we'll be going.  It's an exciting time for us!

There are a ton of unknowns for us now.  Where will we be going?  What will it be like?  Exactly what type of work will we be doing?  How do we survive when we finally get back to the US in 2004?  Crazy stuff... but... we have faith that it will all work out.  We're selling our house and our cars and putting our things in storage.  Once the house is sold, we're moving in with friends until we depart (thanks Matt Badgett for being one heck of a pal!)  

Eventually, we'll be leaving our jobs and going to do the Good Lord's work (whatever that may be ;-)  )  In the meantime, we appreciate all of your prayers, support, and encouragement.  We feel blessed to have such wonderful family and friends, and we look forward to sharing this experience with you through stories, letters, conversations and pictures.

If you have any questions, comments,
or advice for us, drop us a line!.