Thanks for coming to our site!  Due to a blessed event (see pic below), we have now indefinitely transformed into a burping and diaper changing ministry.  We're slowing down on delivering concerts for the time being.  however, if you're interested, please drop us a line!  You never know when we'll be ready to get back in the saddle.


At first, we thought our year living with an impoverished Guatemalan family and serving the poor would give us the right to say "Uhhh... we gave at the office" next time God came around looking for favors.  Now, we can see that this was just the first step in a long journey.  "The Next Step" has us following God's call like my mother tracking down a 75% off sale at the local shopping mall.  You get the idea.

While in Guatemala, we found friendship, faith, and even a case of amoebas.  More importantly, seeing Christ in the face of strangers brought about a fountain of inspiration.  For this reason, we will be continuing this ministry, using original music, captivating images, and true, heartfelt stories to share what we have learned about mission and ministry during our year living in a third world country.  Itís a special blend of inspiration and intellect that will encourage people to think about their own call to mission in their own life context.

If you are interested in scheduling a concert or workshop to promote mission and service to your church or organization, or if you would simply like to attend a concert that's already on the books, feel free to check out the site.  There's music, stories, and a whole lot more!

May grace and peace find it's way to you,

Scott and Gabby Dannemiller