What Started 
All This?

Our Mission Year

"The Next Step"

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The Next Step

We are firmly convinced that our lives up to this point have been a series of small choices and decisions that have brought us to a year of service in Guatemala.  While some may see this experience as a crazy leap off the deep end, we know that it's just one small step in a long journey.   What comes next will be even more exciting, meaningful, and adventurous.  

While Guatemalans taught us more than we could hope to teach them, we believe we have made a difference and touched lives. As it turns out, many of those were in the US.  Through our website, we have received emails from friends, family, and complete strangers telling us how our stories and experiences have changed them, educated them, and motivated them to do something more.  Ironically, through our year of service in Latin America, we seem to be having the greatest impact with the people back home in the States!


The Program

In response to our call to continue this ministry, we have created a 1 - 1 1/2 hour program with original music inspired by our mission year accompanied by images of Guatemala.  We believe our ministry is ecumenical and goes beyond the institutions of church and into Godís world.  The objective of our concert and workshops is to promote worldwide mission service and outreach, while helping people find and follow their own call to mission, be it at home, or thousands of miles away.     

All that is required to enjoy the concert is an open heart, listening ear, and ready eyes.  We hope to express that mission is not always about leaving it all for a third world country, but can be as simple as making different choices in the grocery store or donating time to your local schools.  Our everyday lives provide countless avenues for helping those in need; we just need to be open to seeing the possibilities.  Many churches use "The Next Step" as the capstone to their own "Mission Fairs" to promote all of the service and outreach opportunities that are available to their congregations.