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2/14/05 Tucson AZ "Life on the Margins": If your family had nothing to eat, wouldn't you cross the border to find a better life, even if it meant crossing the desert?
11/12/04 Welcome Home "We're Back": A few from our coming home party, more of the twin cuties and pictures from our reentry retreat.
10/17/04 The Fall Tour "Show on the Road": We visited Louisville, KY, saw some new friends and hosted a morning worship at the national offices of the Presbyterian Church (USA), then it was off to Madison, WI, Kansas City and St.Louis, MO. 
10/1/04 Ohio "Brand Family Fun": In Alexandria OH, we visited the Brand clan including several chickens, guinea fowl, 2 rabbits, a dog and 3 cats.
9/07/04 Dannemiller Reunion "The Dannemiller Reunion": Dad Dannemiller is one of 12 kids in his family.  So, when all of them got together for a reunion, it was pretty intense.  Here are Gabby's thoughts on the matter..
9/05/04 40th Anniversary "40 Years!": Mom and Dad celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary with a fun fiesta with the Dannemiller clan.
8/27/04 The Twins "Las Gemelas": Our amiga Miranda and her husband Jeff are now proud parents of TWINS!  They were kind enough to shelter the homeless, jobless Dannemillers when we got back to the states.  That gave us plenty of time to get to know the new ones.
NEW added 11/12/04
Despedidas "Despedidas":  In Guatemalan fashion, we said goodbye to everyone for about 2 weeks before our departure. All said, we had -- goodbye parties and many more gifts given to us.
NEW added 11/12/04
Apple Orchard "Las Manzanas": All year the family had been talking about the apples and where they were grown.  So our last week in Guatemala, we visited the family's land.
7/27/04 Everyday Life "Everyday Life": We're almost home, but wanted to capture some images of the everyday life around here.
7/18/04 Fairfax, VA Visit "It's All About Women":  Four women from Virginia came to Guatemala to learn what life is like for the women in this country.  The experiences they shared won't soon be forgotten.  
7/12/04 Around The House "Around The House": Just some random shots around our humble abode to give you an idea as to what has been going on around here.
7/06/04 July Retreat "Almost Home": This was our last get-together with the other volunteers until we head home in August.  It was a nice Fourth Of July party that Scott couldn't enjoy due to stomach flu, but hey, all of these problems will be fixed in a month, right?
6/27/04 Golden Anniversary "Happy 50th Francisco and Josefa!": The family pulled out all the stops to throw a 50th wedding anniversary party for their parents and 500 friends.
6/25/04 East Dallas Trip "What Mission Means":  This was a great week, spending time with fellow Texans who have some strong relationships with the people of Guatemala.
6/24/04 Music Class "One Last Time": We finally had a chance to take some pictures in Canton Los Angeles, the home of Josue, the boy who taught us all some lessons.
6/13/04 Surprise Birthday Party "Happy Birthday To Us": What a nice surprise!  Our host family pulled out all the stops to give us an unforgettable birthday in our second home - Guatemala.
6/12/04 Pines (Houston) Youth Mission Trip "Planting Seeds": A group of youth came to Guatemala knowing that there was lots of work to be done.  After meeting their brothers and sisters here, they now know that the work has just begun.  They will never forget the lives that touched them in this magical place in the mountains.
6/05/04 June Retreat "June Retreat": More pics of Lake Atitlan.  We've seen lots of 'em already.  We promise... this is the LAST TIME!  Only one more retreat till we come home!
5/25/04 Peacemaking Group "Peacemaking": What a joy it was to spend a week with a group of people so fired up about bringing peace and justice to the world.  
5/06/04 May Retreat "Rebuilding": We thought we had seen it all.  Then we took a trip to El Salvador to learn that poverty and persecution aren't just confined to Guatemala.  The good news is, there are people working to rebuild that which has been destroyed.
4/27/04 Eduardo's Brithday Party "Chillin' and Grillin'": It was almost three weeks late, but the birthday party the gringos promised was just what Eduardo was looking for.
4/22/04 Guy's Visit "Friends": Buddies Matt and Joel came to see us.  We planted corn, went swimming, and toured the country.  We loved seeing our Austin pals again! 
4/11/04 Holy Week "HOLY Week": It was a non-stop church-fest, blended with planting corn by hand and having a day off.  There aren't any traditions as randomly weird as the Easter bunny, but the experience was a good one.  
4/02/04 Dannemillers Visit "Dannemiller Visit": Scott's parents aren't big fans of foreign travel.  Still, they took a leap and came to visit us in Guatemala.  What a great time we all had!
3/23/04 The Youth Visit Guatemala "A Glimpse of The Future": The youth from our church in Austin came down for a visit.  It was one of the best experiences of our entire year. 
3/8/04 Living Waters For The World "Water For Chajabal": We attended a celebration for a new water system in a small mountain village.  Here's hoping there are even more to come 
3/7/04 March Retreat "Half-Way Home": With five months left to go, the volunteers got together for a mid-year review. 
2/29/04 Around the House "All in the Family meets Changes, cha-cha-cha-Changes": As time passes we become more than just guests.  We're a part of the clan.  And things around the house look a lot different now too. 
2/23/04 Mission Presbytery, Texas "Open My Eyes": What a trip!  Fellow Texans came down for a mission trip armed only with bags of reading glasses and a willingness to get involved.  So much can be done with so little.
2/21/04 Hillsboro "Unplanned Moments": In a flurry of activity, this group from Nashville strengthened relationships and got a lot done too.  We took some students to Ceibal (ruins) for the first time in their lives.
2/2/04 Inland Northwest "Gifts": Bringing only themselves was enough for but we also did some good stuff too.  We gave out reading glasses, hosted medical clinics, visited a castle and enjoyed the beauty of Lake Izabal.
1/20/04 Madison "Bonding with God's family": The group from Madison, Wisconsin reminds, once again, that God is here, there and everywhere.  Beautiful scenery and a project to sustain a community.
1/02/04 Family Visit "We Are Family": Our family came to town for a Holiday visit.  Though seeing the sites in Guatemala was awesome, the best part of the trip was seeing how two cultures can mix so well together.
1/02/04 Gift Giving "Gratitude 101": Our host family taught us an incredible lesson in receiving gifts gracefully.
12/25/03 Christmas In Cantel "Noche de Paz, Noche de Amor": Christmas in Cantel is like nothing we've ever experienced.  Fireworks, midnight meals, and celebrating the little things in life.
12/20/03 Christmas Retreat "A Merry Little Christmas": Our Christmas retreat at a local seminary was awesome.  We made cookies, drank egg nog, decorated the tree, and shared good times with our volunteer family.
12/16/04 Dia De Guadalupe "An Excuse For Pics": Dia de Guadelupe is quite a celebration here.  We enjoyed this cultural experience while stealing snapshots for free.
12/15/03 Dedication "Renovations... Complete with Worship Service": The construction at our house is almost complete.  However, we couldn't officially open the doors without God's blessing and a bunch of food!
12/08/03 Sinodica "Women Transformed": Gabby, Caridad, Jen and Selena attended a 2-day women's meeting for the National Presbyterian Church in Guatemala.  The photos are better AND more interesting than this intro.  Check out "Mayan" Charlies Angels, new hairdos and colors aplenty.
11/27/03 Thanksgiving "It's All About Family": Thanksgiving isn't the same without the turkey, the football, and the naps.  Still, we were lucky to be here in Guatemala with a wonderful bunch of people who make us feel at home.
11/22/03 The Music Class "Mr. Dannemiller's Opus": So, the finale of this class wasn't a grand orchestra performance...  still, I think the folks in Rhetahuleu got a kick out of this lesson in rhythm from a red-headed gringo that can't dance.
11/21/03 The Corn Harvest "A Whole Lotta' Shuckin' Goin' On": The grandparents in our host family have a harvest of corn.  Luckily, we corporate professionals were around to help out with the dirty work.  Scott lent a hand by making "corn angels."  Not quite the same as a snow angel, but it helped get us in the Holiday spirit.
11/14/03 Livingston Retreat "All Work And No Play...": After six weeks on the job, we all could use a break.  This retreat was just what the doctor ordered.  We enjoyed a lot of relaxation (and a lot of sweating) on the Caribbean side of Guatemala.
11/13/03 Middle Tennessee Mission "Middle Tennessee Find More Than  A Partnership": What started as a trip to understand more about a potential partnership turned into a medical mission of healing.  Thanks Karen!
11/12/03 The Women's Meeting "The Power Of Words": Women in Guatemala are fighting an uphill battle for equality.  That's why it's so cool that this simple Bible Study course turned into a lesson in empowerment.
11/09/03 The Elections "The People Have Spoken": Some worried that fraud would turn these elections into a joke.  Others had been hardened by years of stagnant government and empty promises.  On November 9th, people turned out in droves as a sign of hope for this country.
10/30/03 Howard County, Maryland Mission "The Signing Of The Covenant": They came here to create a partnership with a group of Guatemalan churches.  They left with so much more.
10/18/03 Wilmington Mission "My First Group!": After only four short days in Cantel with our new family, I left husband and home for a week-long trip with my new friends.  Check us out, learning, listening, helping and sharing.
10/06/03 The Birthday Party "Happy Birthday Israel!":  We made a new friend, and were quickly invited to his birthday bash!  We ate two meals with he and his family, and met some of the cutest kids on the planet!
10/04/03 The Retreat "Our First Retiro":  We all got together for one last time before heading off to our communities.  We'll miss all these folks until we see 'em again in 6 weeks.  Oh... and we got to see Gabby with REALLY BIG HAIR, too!
10/03/03 The Market "San Francisco el Alto":  A trip to the "grocery store" in a small town can be a very different experience.  This twice-weekly market is a treat for the eyes, and a minor assault on the senses.
9/29/03 The Glass Blowers "Fabrica De Vidrio":  We paid a visit to the local glass blowing factory in Cantel.  Here, only spitting distance from our new home, they make some really incredible things.  Sure, it's low-tech, but these guys got "skills"! 
9/28/03 Malacatan "Jen's New Digs":  We went to the Pacific Slope of Guatemala to hang out in Jen's neck of the woods for a while.  We were greeted "warmly" with a church service and a really nice lunch.  Too bad the weather is so darn hot!
9/22/03 Lago Atitlan "The Vacation":  We took a little trip to one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  Check it out!  It's a must for anyone coming to Guatemala.
9/10/03 The Weavers "A Must-See": Perhaps our most poignant experience yet.  Spending time in the home of these weavers made us truly appreciate the spirit of Guatemala and its people.
9/10/03 Momostenago "An Inspiration To Us All": In this market, there were loads of opportunities to catch a glimpse of the character of this country.  Oh... and we also got to see some really pretty sights.
9/07/03 San Juan Ixcoy "Caridad's New Home": We took the 3 1/2 hour ride to San Juan to check out a fellow volunteer's new stomping grounds.  All of us were a little jealous of her new community.
9/04/03 Quinceañera "Sweet... Fifteen?": We got to be the honored guests at Sarita's big party. 
9/03/03 School Kids "We Love Wednesdays": It's not every day you get to work with kids who VOLUNTARILY come to class.  This school in Chuisuc has some really cool youth.
Pre-Mission Stuff Is Below
8/18/03 Cell Phone Destruction "Blasted Phone!": Not as representation of our leaving worldly goods behind, but more because, sheesh, my cell phone sucked.
7/14/03 New York Vacation "TEX In The City":  We met up with Jeanie, our transplanted Texas friend to take the Big Apple by storm.  She showed us a fabulous time!  We did it all!... The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Broadway Shows, and even a gospel church service in Harlem!
7/4/03 Fourth Of July "We've found Utopia!":  We celebrated America's birthday with the Brands.  It all started with a kid's triathalon competition and parade in Fredericksburg (Abby got 2nd PLACE!), and ended with a HUGE fireworks display in Utopia, Texas.
6/14/03 Florida Vacation "I Know What You Did Last Summer":  Seven days of dodging raindrops in the Sunshine state allowed us to catch up on some sleep and Dr. Phil episodes.  Oh...and the beach was fun, too.
6/8/03 Scott's Birthday "Surprise!":  Gabby outdid herself with this one.  I had no clue it was coming! My wife rocks!  Check out the best birthday party EVER!
5/26/03 Body For Life Results "Holy Cow!  It Worked!":  The Body For Life Challenge is over.  For more info on the Challenge, see the entry for 3/3/03 below.  We have to admit that we're pretty darn pleased with our results.  Who woulda' thought that we could actually ENJOY healthy food!  As one of my buddies says, "We'll see what happens now after you spend a year on your mission trip in Guatemala eatin' nothin' but tortillas and guacamole!"  So... now the BELLY For Life Challenge begins!
5/25/03 Memorial Day  "Sun & Play In Port A":  Our annual trip to Port Aransas, Texas with 20 pals was a good time.  Sure, it's no spring break in Cancun, but we did get to eat hot dogs and work on our sunburns.
4/26/03 Nashville Trip "Family Fun":  A detour to Nashville after our April "Mission Placement Event" allowed us to hang out with the family.  Mom & Dad are building a big ol' house, Joey is chasing worms and caterpillars, and everyone else is lovin' life.
4/20/2003 Egg Hunt: 2003 "This Ain't Child's Play":  One-hundred-twenty-four plastic eggs were stuffed with refined-sugar products and hidden all around the yard.  From the starting gun, it was a no-holds-barred egg-fest!
4/17/03 Gayle Kubo Memorial Benefit Concert "A Perfect Evening":  As a surprise, a group of Gabby's friends pooled their money at a "Bachelor Auction" and "purchased" musician Jim Scarborough for an evening.  The proceeds of the auction were donated to the American Heart Association in Honor of Gabby's mom, Gayle Kubo.  The weather, food, music and friends were perfect.  How blessed we are!
3/3/03 Body For Life Challenge "All Aboard The Pain Train!":  After months of avoiding the gym and eating the equivalent of a 50-gallon drum of Crisco, we signed up for Bill Phillips' "Body For Life Challenge".  Before (and eventually) After pics show the results.  We'll be done with the challenge on May 25th.  Wish us luck!
2/13/03 Memorial "Remembering Mom":  On February 10th, Momma Kubo went to hang out with God and decided it was so fun that she didn't want to come back.  We miss her, but know she's happy. 
1/2003 Youth Group "Fun and Games":  We are youth group sponsors for First Presbyterian Church in Austin.  We would like to think that we are leading kids to Christ, but it's hard to tell when you see us wrapping 'em up in saran wrap, making them race in HUGE underwear, and goofing off with them at a retreat.
12/25/2002 Christmas "Happy Holidays":  We conducted a whirlwind tour of Texas and tennessee over the Holidays.  There aren't many pics from Houston, 'cuz I hadn't yet figured out how to operate the new-fangled digital camera Gabby put in my stocking.  By Tennessee, we had it under control.
10/27/02 Halloween "Pez Dispensers":  200 yards of fishing line, a roll of carpet pad, some spray paint, cardboard, and severed heads off a child's costume are all it took to win this year's Amityville Party costume contest. 
9/21/02 Honeymoon

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"Italian Tour":  Cheap Wine!  Gellato!  We ate and drank our way through Northern Italy!  See shots from Lake Como/Bellagio (and our bumped-up-to-first-class-happiest-Priceline-customers-EVER seats on the plane), Venice, Tuscany (Florence & Siena), Il Castello di Bibbione in the Chianti Region, and the Italian Riviera.
9/6/02 Wedding "The Lead In":  Random shots of picking up family from the airport, going out to eat at Buca di Beppo, the wedding rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner at County Line on The Lake
9/7/02 Wedding "Getting Ready":  Pictures taken just before the wedding.  These include shots of the brides changing room (WOO HOO!), the groom's waiting room, and kids in nice clothes going crazy trying to be good.
9/7/02 Wedding "The Ceremony":  Shots of the wedding ceremony, plus some of the obligatory posed photos taken afterward.
9/7/02 Wedding "The Reception":  Lots of pictures of people doing the "White Man's Overbite" after taking advantage of free drinks, silly hats, Oreos, cake & ice cream on a stick, and one VERY dirty car.  (Notice Scott licking the peanut butter off of his fingers... a bunch o' Jiff was wedged underneath the handle.  TASTY!)


Yard Of The Month "Lawn Hunks":  After years of trying, I finally won the "Yard Of The Month" Award!  Gabby caught me post-mow for some nasty, sweaty pics.  We're so proud!  *tears*  (See Related Story)
4/2002 Prom Party "She's A Brick House":  We had the opportunity to relive the 70's and 80's at a retro prom party.  Rated PG-13.
8/2001 Vacation -
Costa Rica
"Trip With Da' Twins":  We went with old roommate Matt and his twin brother to Costa Rica for a week of relaxation.  We checked out the beach, the mountains, a volcano, and the treetops of the rainforest.