Lydia is a woman who works for our organization, keeping things in order at the office where Gabby will work.  On our first day in Xela, she put on her best outfit (which costs the equivalent of two month's salary or more) just so she could show us gringos around town.  It was an incredible honor.  

That night, after trudging through town all day, she prepared a special meal for us (the equivalent of turkey and dressing in the US).  "Paches" - They're sorta' like tamales, but they're made with potatoes, chicken and spices.  Afterward, we all sat around and sang songs in the living room.  Though Lydia was exhausted, she was honored by the fact that we would sing songs for her.  She immediately invited us to sing for her daughter's Quinceañera - which is a major party for girls when they turn 15 here.  It's a big deal.  We were touched at the invitation and gladly obliged.  Here are some shots from the event.

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