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12/31/07 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! "Another Holiday Update":  Sorry! We're too lazy to send real cards this year!  Still, we wish all our family and friends a wonderful Holiday and a beautiful 2008!
11/13/07 Welcome Audrey "She's Finally Here!":  Welcome to baby #2!  This may be the last one, so take a good hard look at her!
5/08/06 Welcome Jake "He's Finally Here!":  I know he was born on March 28th, but we've been busy.  Here's our first web update on Jake.
3/25/06 The Fruit Loop Debacle "Feeding Frenzy":  Beware the side effects of late-term pregnancy!
12/18/05 Merry Christmas! "Happy Holidays":  This year was full of blessings.  Here, we recount some of the highlights of the year.  Merry Christmas everybody!
9/24/2005 "What I Felt While
She Was Expecting":
Entry #4
"The Worries":  Just a short entry from a brief moment of awe and wonder.
9/21/2005 "What I Felt While
She Was Expecting":
Entry #3
"Sympathy Pains":  Here I propose a theory that will send shockwaves throughout the medical community, and perhaps earn me a slug in the gut from my wife.
8/12/2005 "What I Felt While
She Was Expecting":
Entry #2
"Everything I Need To Know I Learned At The OB/GYN":  And I thought car engines and nuclear physics were mysterious and intimidating!  They don't hold a candle to a visit to the "girlie doctor."
8/7/2005 "What I Felt While
She Was Expecting":
Entry #1
"Famous First Words":  Most guys hope to be incredibly articulate and profound the instant they find out that they are destined for fatherhood.  Me?  I want a "do over."  
some time ago in a previous life "Scott's Bright Idea"

Back By Popular demand!

"Scott's Bright Idea":  This story was removed from our website during our mission year so to to offend the church higher-ups.  Upon further review, we've concluded that it isn't so much offensive, as it is incredibly reprehensible behavior from the author, for which he has repented.
3/2003 The Body For Life Challenge - A Group Journal On a bet, Gabby and I entered the "Body For Life" Challenge with several other friends and family members.  The program is a no-holds-barred, health-fest!  It's workouts... health food... and a heavy dose of character strengthening.  Anyone in our group who doesn't stick with the program is required to wear his/her BEFORE picture around their neck for a week!  
12/2002 "First Annual We-Just-Got-Married Christmas Letter/New Year's Update Holiday Spectacularama" Happy Holidays everyone!  Here are our holiday wishes to you, as well as a short recap of 2002.  Included herein are 1) accurate depictions of what Gabby REALLY thinks of Scott, 2) tales of Christmas near-death decorating experiences, and our plans for 2003.
9/2002 "Highlights From the Wedding Of The Century" For those of you that weren't there (and even those who were), here is a "behind the scenes" look at the whole affair - right down to the groom's "pants changing" ritual.  A tiring, yet charitable read.  (Pictures Here)
8/2002 "All Hail... The King Of Suburbia" After years of trying, my dream came true.  Join me on my quest to win the coveted "South Creek Neighborhood association Yard Of The Month" Award.  (Pictures Here)
2/2002 "The Proposal" We're now married!  Read what is perhaps the most intricate, exasperating, (and some say BORING) proposal stories ever. Includes some pictures.
1/2002 "Year In Review" In lieu of Christmas cards, this was sent out to inform and bore friends and family.  Includes pictures.
5/2001 "Lesson Learned" One muddy dog, and one idiot owner make for one big mess.
4/2001 "The Upper Hand" Working from home can be hazardous to your health (and wallet).  If you have some random crap to sell, come by my house!
12/2000 "European Journal" I went to Europe for a few weeks with no plans and a backpack.  Not much of a travel journal here, but worth a read if you have nothing better to do.