Hola Audrey!  Welcome to our familia!
(one day old snuggling with Daddy)

Dateline:  November 11, 2007  10:50PM  Austin, TX

Scott Dannemiller (gained 15lbs post-birth) and Gabby Dannemiller (has lost 25lbs post-birth) are proud to announce the arrival of Audrey Christine Dannemiller (7 pounds 15 ounces, 21 inches).  She joined us on the date of her choosing via c-section like her brother after we gave up on our dreams for a VBAC. She is now a whopping 11lbs 10oz and even taller.

As with Jake, with a shorter, olive-skinned, Asian mother, and a tall, galoot-ish, red-headed, fish-belly white father, Audrey had a mere 0.8% chance of being cute.  Gracias a Dios, He mixed all our good qualities together.  People are saying she looks like her dad with her mom's coloring.  Thank God Scott's sister is a beauty or we'd be pretty scared.  

Audrey is an easy-going Dannemiller.  She loves to "talk" to us and smiles all the time.  She likes to sleep on her side when you hold her but at night she gets all swaddled up and will go for 8+ hours at only 8weeks old.  We love her as only two parents with a full night's sleep can love a kid.

As far as life with two kiddos goes, we are blessed with some good sleepers that also really like each other.  Jake has been a great big brother.  He's always asking, "Waz da madder Audee grl" (What's the matter Audrey Girl) when there's any crying.  It's very sweet.  He has been known to sing her songs and point out all her facial features with a force that makes his parents a little nervous.

Audrey and Scott.  
This is our departure from the hospital picture.