The Worries

Weíre only three months into this whole pregnancy thing.  In some ways, it still doesnít feel real.  I mean, Gabby doesnít really look all that pregnant.  In addition, we are reading a few of these books that talk about how your new little zygote/embryo/fetus is growing.  All of the pictures look like something from a bad 80ís horror movie.  The little guy has a tail, heís swimming in some fluid that I donít ever need to see, and his eyes are on the sides of his head.  I half expect Gabbyís belly to open up one night and this crazy kid will come out like the most terrifying scene from ďAlienĒ

At the same time, itís a total miracle.  How in the world do all of these little cells know what to become?  One becomes a hand, another becomes a nose, still another becomes a elbow or foot.  It all falls into place.  Itís far too elegant to be happenstance.  Any doubts I may have had about Godís power crumble beneath the weight of this tiny being whose heartbeat I see on a monitor just 6 weeks into life.  I am humbled by the incredible miracle that is creation.

The amazing thing is that God trusts me with this little being.  I have no training in this field!?  I mean, I had to go to college for four years for a company to be able to trust me with a pager!  Now Iím gonnaí be responsible for shaping a human life armed with only a Diaper Genie and  a few episodes of Super Nanny!  It can be a bit overwhelming.  Oh well, as Mother Teresa says, ďI know God wonít give me anything I canít handle.  I just wish He didnít trust me so much.Ē