The Fruit Loop Debacle

From an e-mail sent by Scott
on March 13, 2006

(Gabby's response soon to follow below)

Hello all!

If you haven’t heard it yet on CNN, NBC, or “The Baby Story” on The Learning Channel, we’re going to have a baby in the next few weeks.  Believe me, this kid is even more highly anticipated than Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ love child.  Personally, I just hope we like the little squirt, since we have to live with him for the next 18 years (plus or minus 5 years depending on if he’s a total deadbeat or the next Doogie Howser). 

Just to update you, the doctor has been a bit concerned about Gabby’s weight gain.  The problem isn’t so much her total poundage, but more that we had no idea where the extra kilos were coming from.  She promises that she has been eating a healthy diet.  When we are together, she is very conservative with respect to food intake.  This mystery had been boggling my mind.  Until yesterday when I stumbled into the master bathroom and saw this… 

The carbs will get you every time…