Howdy, Jake!  Welcome to our world!

Dateline:  March, 28, 2006   11:07 AM  Austin, TX

Scott Dannemiller (179 pounds, 73 inches) and Gabby Dannemiller (pounds*, 64 3/4 inches) are proud to announce the arrival of Jake Patrick Dannemiller (8 pounds 3 ounces, 19 3/4 inches).  Due to his incredibly large head, and poor sense of direction, (both inherited from his father), he finally arrived via C-Section after Gabby labored like an elite athlete for 11 hours. 

With a shorter, olive-skinned, Asian mother, and a tall, galoot-ish, red-headed, fish-belly white father, Jake had a mere 0.8% chance of being cute.  Luckily, the kid was dealt a good hand.  He's a pretty good mix of mom and dad, dontcha' think?

* weight unavailable... and don't even think about asking

We know some time has now passed since Jake's big debut.  Sorry it took us so long to update the website, but every single time we went to post some pics, Jake pooped in his own pants.  Pretty disgusting, we know.  Luckily, we have purchased some new diapers.  On the package it says "for newborns 8-14 pounds".  Since each poo only weighs about 8 ounces, we figure this gives us a good 16-28 days before we have to change him again.  Yippee!  Now we got free time comin' out the wazoo!  We'll try and get some stories posted soon.

Jake and Gabby.  Note:  his hair was much lighter once we finally bathed him after 8 days.